7V strives to connect with you as friends who enjoy alternative ways of thinking and perceiving daily life. Rey Andújar’s work challenges the monotony of our surroundings and when his talent is blended with 7V’s ambitions the result is his provocative, funny, disturbing, sad, and triumphant Saturnalia.
This hardcover collection of fourteen short stories has been translated into English by Kolin Jordan and takes us to unexpected destinations. During your travels you will experience the excitement and heartache related to expatriation and immigration, revenge and desire, and music and belonging. Through it all we get the sense of a world striated by the unexpected.
Rey Andújar is a Dominican writer and performer. His books have won various awards including The International Award from Casa de Teatro, for his book of short stories, El factor carne (IslaNegra, 2005); Puerto Rican Pen Club Award for his novel, Candela (Alfaguara, 2007); The Story Award from the International Book Fair in Santo Domingo for Amoricidio (AgentesCatalíticos, 2007); The Ultramar Letters Award (New York, 2011) for Saturnalia, and most recently Adújar won the Cuento y Poesía Consenso Award at Northeastern University.

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Saturnalia in the media:

Rey Andújar and Kolin Jordan on Chicago Public Radio; Vocalo (Audio)


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