And the Hippies Came

Written by Manuel Abreu Adorno and originally published in 1978, And the Hippies Came / Llegaron los hippies has been released as a “flip” version that reads through to the middle in Spanish, and when flipped over, reads through to the middle in English. The twelve stories included in this masterpiece were translated by Rafael Franco Steeves, a Puerto Rican author who has pub¬lished two books and various other stories and translations. This is the first time that this cult-classic has been made available in English.
To read And the Hippies Came is to find yourself surrounded by names and places that became history, but it will also surprise you with the sheer force of its stories and conflicts. Julio Cortázar, famed Argentine writer and essayist, praised Abreu Adorno’s work, specifically, this, his first book. Until now Abreu Adorno had been a forgotten genius.
There was a pulse of pop culture in Abreu Adorno’s pen that gave immediacy to everything he wrote, and makes the fact that he has been lost to memory since his departure from this world that much more inexplicable and inexcusable.

In this, his quintessential first book comprised of twelve short stories, Abreu Adorno explores the dimensions of life through the perspective of different social classes, through the use of revolutionary narrative techniques, and by bringing to light what might otherwise escape our notice.


And the Hippies Came in the media:

«By returning Manuel Arbeu Adorno’s work to print, 7Vientos has rescued at least one worthy work from likely oblivion.»  –Diego Báez (Gapers✶✶✶✶Block)

«And the Hippies Came, the collected stories of Abreu Adorno…a neglected classic, a book that resonated with readers upon impact and caught the attention of Julio Cortázar. No wonder: the book is daring, fun, utterly readable, and—why not, let’s use the term—postmodern.» –Vincent Francone (Three Percent)

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