About Us

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7Vientos (7V) is a bilingual publishing house that strives to serve the world of confluences that is today’s America. The objective is simple: to promote diversity of cultures by bringing literature previously unavailable in English. We publish works by writers who think outside the box; unorthodox, experimental, and intellectually risky.


7Vientos believes that the publishing platform should be a creative outlet for breaking from the status quo. Since its conception in 2010, in Chicago, 7V has put up a creative resistance to the continued cultural withering of the publishing industry. In addition to having exceptional literary content, the books 7V publishes are visually stunning. The books have been dubbed “flip” books after the way they read through on one side in its original language and the other in its translation to the English language. Each detail of 7V’s books reflect an artisanal attention to detail; everything including the literary content, the typography, the paper, the hardcover binding, and the cover design are chosen with great and meticulous care.


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